Infants & Children: Faith & Formation


At Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church we believe that the Christian faith takes shape within community and throughout a lifetime of exploration and discernment – we are each on a pilgrimage to God.

Within every circumstance, every object, every person, God’s love is already at work, moment by moment. 

In our learning, we give space for young and old alike to learn and grow together. Like the beauty of stained glass, the light and life of Christ shine in and through us, and God makes of us together something that we are unable to be alone. 


(Ages 0 to 2)
Each Sunday trained and licensed members of St. Mary’s Church facilitate nursery for families with infants and young children.

We observe the Safe Church policies of the Diocese of Lexington that require its parishes to adopt guidelines for the Protection of Children and Youth

We give space for kids to be kids, to support and nurture the spiritual lives.

We offer an environment for children to encounter the living God, a safe space in which to imagine how their lives and personal stories are intimately intertwined with the Bible and Christian tradition! 

We believe that children will have faith so long as there is a community of faith for them to thrive in, to influence and be influenced by.

​Kids Upfront

(Ages 3 to 12)

The final Sunday of each month is KIDS UP FRONT Sunday, a special occasion for children to gather with their parents and the entire parish family during the 11:00 a.m. celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Children embody the rhythms of prayer and praise and together partake of the Eucharist that is made with home-baked bread.

Children’s totes – filled with healthy snacks, coloring books and bulletins, soft toys, and books – are available for visiting families too, and maybe retrieved near the entrance to the church.

Child care is also offered in the Undercroft on KIDS UP FRONT Sunday for any parents who wish to avail themselves of these services. 

Weaving God’s Promises

(Ages 3 to 12)
On every Sunday of the month except the final Sunay, during the 11:00 a.m. liturgy, gifted and licensed child caregivers facilitate Weaving God’s Promises, a children’s education curriculum of The Episcopal Church that nurture the spiritual lives of our littlest saints

The Sunday routine is as follows:

​Children accompany their parents on these Sundays for the opening prayers and songs of the liturgy.

Then, prior to the first reading from Holy Scripture, a trained and licensed child-caregiver processes with the children to the Parish Undercroft, where for 20 to 30 minutes in the Children’s chapel, everyone engage in a lesson from Weaving God’s Promise.

Lesson plans follow a five-fold pattern:

1. Gathering – (the Entrance Rite)
Simple activities focusing the children on 
the lesson to come
2. Telling the Sacred Story – 
(the Liturgy of the Word) 
Telling the biblical story
3. Prayer- (the Prayers of the People) 
Giving thanks to God for 
God’s presence with us
4. Sharing – (Holy Communion) 
A time of fellowship and snacks with time for 
sharing that week’s story
5. Sending Forth – (Dismissal)
Closing prayers send the children back upstairs for worship and Holy Communion

​When the lesson from Weaving God’s Promises concludes, children join their parents once again to partake of the Holy Communion.